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Dhafir, St. Pats 4, Imam Aref/Hossain--Targets of “Loyal Bushie” Prosecutor to Speak Out
St. Patricks 4
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Targets of “Loyal Bushie” Prosecutor to Speak Out
Dhafir, St. Pats 4, Imam Aref/Hossain Supporters Gather
Witness, Tuesday April 3rd 5 PM, Federal Bldg Syracuse NY

Syracuse NY—Members of the St. Patrick’s 4 and supporters of Dr. Rafil Dhafir and Imam Aref/Hossain will be gathering to talk about their political prosecutions on Tuesday April 3rd at 5 PM at the Federal Bldg in Syracuse NY. US attorney Glen Suddaby head of the Northern district of NY US attorney’s office prosecuted all 3 cases. The Witness will consist of prayers and testimony.

Selective Prosecution
Both Dhafir supporters and the St. Pats 4 feel that they were targeted and selectively prosecuted. Dhafir supporters point out that he is only person to be criminally charged with breaking the IEEPA sanctions against Iraq for providing humanitarian aid when thousands of individuals and many corporations did as well with only minor consequences.

US Attorney Glen Suddaby brought Federal conspiracy charges against the St. Patrick’s 4 after they were acquitted of local charges for symbolically pouring blood at a military recruitment office. The fact that Catholic workers have been doing this for decades and have never previously been federally charged shows selective prosecution. The group’s attorney Bill Quigley said that he could find no similar cases going back to the Nixon era.

Many believe that the prosecution of the St. Patrick’s 4 was meant to send a message to the activist community the same way that the prosecution of Lynne Stewart was meant to send chills into the legal community. Quigley calls the prosecution of the St. Pats 4 an attempt to “hyper-criminalize dissent”.

“Why were the St. Pats 4 prosecuted and not other Catholic workers?” questions organizer Madis Senner. “Because they live under the jurisdiction of US attorney Glen Suddaby” Senner concluded.

Prosecutor’s Trophy Run
Imam Aref and Mohamed Hossain were framed in a sting operation by an FBI informant. It is the opinion of many in the Albany NY area that they were un-fairly treated and set up by the government to win a trophy in the war on terror.

Similarly Dr. Dhafir continues to be incorrectly hoisted on the government’s trophy wall as a victory in the War on Terror when he was never charged or convicted of terrorism: Many have derided the government over its terrorism smear of Dhafir:

Intimidation, Letting Witnesses Lie
Dhafir supporters continue to cry foul play over the government’s prosecution of Dhafir. They point out that legal counsel was denied access to visit Dhafir, to the intimidation of those close to Dhafir and the deliberate attempt to mislead the defense. ;

“Our community and country needs to hear, what Dr. Dhafir’s lawyer Devereaux Cannick said in his closing arguments, that the US Attorney’s willfully and knowingly let a witness lie”, Senner said.

A series of Witnesses
This will be the second in a series of Witnesses. To read about the first witness go to:,0,729114,print.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork

“We will be visiting the scene of a crime each Tuesday (at noon) for the next few weeks”, Senner said.

The next Witness will be Tuesday April 10th 2007 in front of the Justice Center in Syracuse NY. Royce Hawkins, part of Dr. Dhafir’s legal team will tell how he was denied access to visit Dr. Dhafir after his picture at a protest in support of Dr. Dhafir appeared in the Syracuse Post Standard. Court documents reveal that Sgt Powlina of the Justice Center was told by “the government” to deny Royce access. ;
“Who is Powlina referring to when he says” the government” told me to it? Suddaby? The FBI? Rove? “Senner asked. “Whomever it was is un-doubtedly a very “loyal Bushie”, Senner concluded.


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