Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Dhafir—Hope Shines Bright on the Horizon


For the first time in years I see much hope on the horizon for Dr. Rafil Dhafir. My soul is full of joy and I thank God for that vision. I share the following with you and ask for your help.

The world is beginning to wake-up to the horrific treatment that Dr. Dhafir has had to endure at the hands of US Attorney’s and Homeland Security. The Washington Post reported (2/25) on the illegal and secret prison program targeting Muslims and Arab Americans that he is part of:

Since the day of his arrest he has been un-justly and very publicly maligned as a terrorist by the government. Ex-governor (NY) Pataki even smeared him as a terrorist a few weeks before his trial. Yet the prosecution has lacked the integrity, or proof, to charge him as a terrorist. They were even able to sneak the terrorist ruse into their sentencing memorandum ensuring that the judge gave him 22 years (above the sentencing guidelines).

The fourth bail motion
detailed the un-ethical and arguably illegal actions by the US attorney’s prosecuting Dr. Dhafir. Yet the judge and justice system ignored this appeal.

I say all this because things are changing.

Ahead of the Congressional/senate hearings slated for March 6, 2007 over the mass firings of US Attorneys the Washington Post (3/3) reported what many of us already knew-- that the US attorney’s office has become a political tool for the Bush administration to push its agenda:

White House Backed U.S. Attorney Firings, Officials Say
“The White House approved the firings of seven U.S. attorneys late last year after senior Justice Department officials identified the prosecutors they believed were not doing enough to carry out President Bush's policies on immigration, firearms and other issues, White House and Justice Department officials said yesterday.”

Given the WMD lies, the vicious attacking of critics (Wilson,O’Neill, Clarke, etc.), the neglect of Katrina victims and Iraq Vets can there be any doubt that the Bush administration pushed US attorney’s to break the rules and ruthlessly attack Muslims and Arab Americans to win trophies in the war on terror?

On Tuesday March 6 a few of us will be gathering at Federal Bldg in Syracuse at noon to deliver Senator Schumer and Representative Walsh’s offices a brief detailing the politically motivated abuses by US attorneys Suddaby, Olmstead, Greene and West in the Dhafir case. I will also show comparisons to other cases to demonstrate the endemic and systematic patterns of abuse by US attorneys handling supposed terrorism cases. Please feel free to join us.

I ask that you reflect upon what I have said, about the state of our country and its leadership. Please pray for Brother Rafil, for justice to be served, for hope, or strength or whatever you feel called to pray for.

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that it is only God that can bring justice and free Rafil and all the other Muslims and Arab Americans that have suffered miserably at the hands of the Bush administration.

To often we begin by making a civil rights argument or rushing to the courts; In doing so we loose our most important ally and turn a person into an issue.

Prayer and God are important to Dr. Dhafir. He is a devout Muslim that is in jail today because he followed his calling to help the children in his homeland of Iraq that were suffering from the sanctions in the 1990’s. He is a “Hafiz”, one who has memorized the Koran verbatim. He started the mosque in Syracuse and was its first director. He gives generously in anonymity to those in need.

You may want to come to one of our prayer services were we read letters from Dr. Dhafir. You will hear first hand from him and see the gracious person that he is. Just this past Friday at St. Andrews we heard how he would slip envelopes full of cash to recently widowed Muslim women.

Please pray for Rafil and for justice to be served.

As I write Rafil—God Bless and Praise Allah. God is Great.

Madis Senner

PS Rafil’s Homepage—

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