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Ashcroft--Dhafir supporters Question Prosecutions—Aref, St. Pats 4

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Who Told you Attack Islam Mr. Ashcroft?

Dhafir supporters Question Prosecutions—Aref, St. Pats 4

Shine Center, 7 PM Before Ashcroft Speech at SU

Syracuse NY—With the US attorney’s scandal expanding supporters of Dr. Rafil Dhafir ( ) will be gathering for a Witness at 7 PM in front of the Shine center on the Syracuse University campus ahead of ex-US Attorney General John Ashcroft’s speech to College Republicans ( ).

“We will be following in the tradition of the prophets to tell our community, country and world that rules were broken, people intimidated and prosecutions were politically motivated by the US attorneys in the Northern District of NY”, said organizer Madis Senner. The witness will consist of prayers and testimony.

Loyal Bushie
“The Northern NY US attorney’s office epitomizes the meaning of a loyal Bushie”, Senner said. He is referring to recently released emails by the government in relation to the US attorney’s scandal indicating that the US attorney’s office has become politicized under President Bush. And that there was an emphasis to reward those that did the President’s bidding; these US Attorney’s were called “Loyal Bushie’s”.

This will be the first of a series of Witnesses that will take place over in the weeks and months ahead. “Each week we will return to the scene of where we think a crime was committed. Next week we will be at the Federal Bldg in Syracuse, the following week we will be at the Justice Center where Dr. Dhafir’s legal counsel was denied access to see him; Senner said.

“We look to God, because the US attorney’s scandal shows us that there is no justice left in America,” Senner concluded.


Background—the following is meant to help those reporting on the Witness. When you piece together all the pieces it is evident that only someone at the highest levels of government could have orchestrated what has happened in Northern NY:

*John Ashcroft smeared Dr. Dhafir as a Terrorist on the Day of his arrest, but never charged him with terrorism:

*Denying legal counsel access to see Dr. Dhafir: ;

*The selective prosecution of Dr. Dhafir:

*The Internal Affairs investigation of NYS trooper Charles Jones after he offered to monitor Dr. Dhafir on bail:

*The intimidation of 150 Muslim families that donated to Dr. Dhafir’s charity:

*The transporting of Dr. Dhafir ahead of rally for him at the Justice Center:

*The continual smearing and treatment of Dr. Dhafir as being a terrorist when he was never charged with terrorism.

*The continued listing of Dr. Dhafir as a terrorist on the government’s trophy list when he was never charged with terrorism:

*The political prosecution of Imam Aref/Hossain:

*The selective prosecution of the St. Pats 4 under Federal conspiracy charges after they had been found not guilty of local charges. Their prosecution for symbolically pouring blood at an action is the first time conspiracy charges were brought against Catholic workers who have symbolically poured blood at actions for decades. Could it be that living in the northern District of NY had anything to do with it?


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