Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Defense Team Closes Swinging--Prosecution willfully Lied

A standing room only crowd that could only be accommodated by rotating visitors in and out of the gallery heard the defense team expose what they called the "prosecution's lies". In a dramatic moment defense lawyer Devereaux Cannick stared at the prosecution and called them liars to their face.

"A lawyer is suppose to tell the truth when he knows a witness lies", Cannick said. He then went on to read court testimony corroborating his claim. The first example he showed was the testimony of prosecution witness Colleen Williams in comparison to the prosecution witness Achmed Ali whose testimony was in direct conflict.
Devereaux said that the prosecution knowingly sat by while Achmed lied.

Devereaux went on to point out several other lies.

The morning began with defense lawyer Joel Cohen ripping the prosecution.

Joel attempted to raise the terrorist issue and question the government's intention in arresting Dr. Dhafir. Originally Dr. Dhafir was accused of being a terrorist by John Ashcroft the day of his arrest. The prosecution objected several times--the Judge eventually told the jury to ignore Mr. Cohen and told them his pretrial ruling that prevented the defense from raising the issue of the government's intent in arresting Dr. Dhafir.

Cohen's presentation was forceful and consistent as he asked why would Dr. Dhafir do all these things openly--the government presented a marketing tape saying he was stealing, etc---if he were a criminal. Criminal's try to hide things. Dr. Dhafir was open with appeals and aid!

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