Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Govt--September 11th would never have happened if….Govt---To be a good citizen spy on Muslims...Tap dancing around the 500-pound Gorilla (Terrorism)

Colleen Williams, hired by Dr. Dhafir to do the Help the Needy's taxes, gave the court room an earful today as she told how she was recruited by the FBI to spy on Dr. Dhafir.

The gist of what Colleen Williams said regarding her recruitment was that the FBI told her that there would have been no September 11th if people had been more vigilant and involved in providing information to the government.

Later in cross-examination Ms Williams said that government told her (implied) that to be a good citizen you need to infiltrate and provide information about organizations like Help the Needy--AKA Muslims and Muslim charities.

While there are many disturbing implications to be had from Ms. Williams's testimony two are especially egregious regarding Rafil's case--terrorism and targeting both of which have been nixed by the Judge.

As we have noted on several occasions Dr. Dhafir has been smeared as a terrorist by the likes of John Ashcroft and NY Governor Pataki. Defense lawyer Devereaux Cannick has publicly stated that Rafil was hit with other charges when they government could not find proof of terrorism. Now Colleen Williams tells us that the government told her that in the pre 9-11 period if more people would have helped the FBI with investigations like the Dhafir case there would have been no 9-11--the largest act of terrorism on USA soil.

So in other words, Ms. Williams said that she should help the FBI to prevent further terrorist acts in the USA. Yet the Judge in a pre-trial ruling said that the defense could not raise the issue of the governments motive in arresting Rafil--fight against terrorism--during the trial. Given Ms. Williams's testimony will the judge continue to let his ruling stand? (To read Judge's ruling click on: )

The other point raised by Ms. Williams was the targeting of Muslims and Muslim organizations by the government. Some may say that Ms. Williams did not so exactlysay so, my interpretation is that she implied it. Ms. Williams used the term 'to be a good citizen', was asked to spy for the government and given her statement about how she was helping prevent future 9-11's to me the implication is clear.

In a pretrial Motion For Dismissal based upon Selective Prosecution ( ) the defense asked that the case against Dr. Dhafir be dropped because he was being targeted because of his Muslim faith and Arab background. The judge denied the dismissal.

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