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Government Half-Truths, Corrections, Laying the Ground work, Dangerous Work

Frank Woolover led us in a wonderful prayer this morning as we also sang Kumbaya.

Corrections: In case you missed it the Post Standard ran the following correction corroborating our blog of Thursday October 28th that agent Kolbe never said that donations to Help the Needy was used to purchase cloth:
Thursday's headline on a story about the Federal court trial of Dr. Rafil Dhafir incorrectly reported that an FBI agent testified Help the Needy's money was used to buy cloth. The agent said the money was sent to a clothing merchant, Maher Zahga, who buys cloth and sells it clothing manufacturers. But the agent did not say the money was spent on
Section B1, October 29, 2004

Government Half-Truths. We are beginning to see what appears to be a pattern of half-truths by the prosecution witnesses. What do I mean by half-truths? For example, suppose someone was stopped by the police for DWI and told the police that he only had one beer. Yes he only had one beer, but he also had 3 martinis, half a bottle of wine and 3 shots of Tequila.

We reported in our Wednesday October 27th blog that agent Kolbe stated that none of the donations to Help the Needy in 1995 and 1996 went to charities. (I am not sure whether Kolbe had a qualifier such as 'to my knowledge' no money went to charity.) In testimony today Smare, the prosecutions witness who worked for Help the Needy until 1999, testified that while he was at HTN that donations went to where it was suppose to go---Directly conflicting Kolbe's testimony.

Because of Professor Smare's schedule he appeared between Koble's testimony and cross-examination.
When Kolbe is cross-examined, tentatively Thursday, I expect that more government half-truths will be exposed. For example, Kolbe testified that only 15 agents came to Rafil's home the day of his arrest. Like the drunk that only had one beer agent Kolbe is probably correct that only 15 agents-- that only FBI agents were there. But what about the New York State Police, the Department of Defense, etc. etc…..Hmm... 85 law enforcment personnnel caem to arrest him. Can you believe that they put a gun to Priscilla's, Rafil's wife, head.

Thursday would be a good day to be in court to watch Devereaux potentially expose more government half-truths when he cross-examines Kolbe. It will also be a good day to see Devereaux in action. His lighting up the prosecution's witness Monroe will be a tough act to follow--but he might succeed.

Laying the Groundwork: In response to a question from the Judge as to where Prosecutor West was going with his line of questioning he said that he was laying the groundwork to show that HTN broke the sanctions.

Thursday: Professor Smare proved to be a credible witness. He noted that HTN contacted Muslim scholars to verify that donations were going where they should. He also noted that if donations were ever used for special purposes other than where they were suppose to go that a special request would be made and money would be earmarked for those projects. In the previous days testimony he said that money donated to buy rice had to buy rice otherwise it would be a violation.

Danger : Smare talked about how dangerous it was for those bringing things into Iraq. They took a cell approach and had for example 8 people work with another 8 people that did not know each other. This way if someone was ever caught they did not know the other.
Don’t' forget Rafil was placed on Saddam's Hit List for his charitable work. To learn more about the dangers of trying to bring donations into Iraq--both for death and the chance to be ripped-off, read: http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/DhafirRisky.htm
Wednesday: Kolbe provided more information about money flows and the operations of HTN.

God Bless,
madis senner

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