Thursday, October 28, 2004


What happened and Search the Trash

We received several comments about yesterday's blog and saw conflicting reports in other media sources:
1)Testimony of Police person Chad Monroe: We understand that reporters must select and chose what they decide to report on. And editors make decisions as to what to cut from an article. We, however think that it was significant that Officer Monroe admitted that in photo of Rafil in the bank that Rafil was not doing nothing illegal and he did not he present any false ID. Today I questioned several people that were present for Devereauxs' cross-examination of Monroe and they all agreed Devereaux lit him up!

2) Special Agent Kolbe's comments. Contrary to what was said or written Agent Kolbe never said that Zagha purchased textiles with Help the Needy funds. I repeat Kolbe never said in court that Zagha purchased textiles with Help the Needy Funds.

As to Thursday's trial.
The whole day was spent by the prosecution presenting their witness Kolbe. Most of the testimony dealt with the discussion of money flows between banks. Where did the money end up?--That was the point the prosecution was trying to make. They again provided some slick looking graphs.

Search the trash. The prosecution said that they searched Rafil's trash, at his home, at his office, at the charity and probably some other places as well.

Ask yourself this---Do you think that the government would go to such lengths to sift through mounds of trash because Rafil was guilty of Medicare Fraud? Or breaking the sanctions against Iraq? Of course not, the only reason that agents were scouring Rafil's trash was because they were on a terrorism search!

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