Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Trial Resumes

Court began with Police person Chad Monroe of the Syracuse Police Department continuing his testimony from Thursday. Devereaux, Rafil's lawyer, was able to poke a number of holes in Monroe's testimony. He even got him to agree that he did not do a thorough job with much of his investigation. See box about the Photo below.

The remainder of the day was spent hearing testimony from FBI special agent in charge, Kolbe, who went over bank accounts/records and other activity. He talked about the transfer of money to Jordan. The prosecution pointed out that no money from Help the Needy went to Charities in 1995 and 1996.

The defense won a victory when the Judge agreed that any hand written notes by law enforcement agents will be considered discovery and evidence copies of which needed to be turned over the defense.

Post Standard
I received several phone calls over the weekend, one even from my uncle, telling me that the picture in the Post Standard on Friday of Rafil in a bank made him look bad. The prosecution had claimed that Rafil was pretending to be someone else. Well--Devereaux ripped that BOGUS claim today during cross examination of Monroe. Zagha is a man in Jordan that dealt with financial matters for Rafil
Devereaux--Did the Dr give you ID saying he was Zagha?
Devereaux--Was he posing as someone else?
Devereaux--Is it illegal to deposit money?
Devereaux--Do you know when the picture was taken?

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